A gamechanger for companies finding themselves in heavy weather

Restructuring using the WHOA

Since 1 January 2021, there has been a new, effective instrument available to companies in dire straits and their creditors: the WHOA (Homologation Private Agreement Act), a genuine game changer.

The WHOA makes it possible to restructure debts by reaching an agreement with creditors and shareholders to which unwilling creditors can also be held. The aim of such an agreement is to restructure debts to cope with any acute liquidity problems. This can involve altering or terminating agreements that present too heavy a burden for the company. Thereby avoiding a possible bankruptcy.

Davids Advocaten can guide you through a WHOA process. In addition, our lawyers are available to act as an Observer or Restructuring Expert.

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In this brochure, our specialists explain the WHOA and give an insight into exactly what such a process might look like for your company.

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