Close to the wind
when necessary

Sometimes a solid future can only be achieved through legal proceedings. An apparently irresolvable conflict of interest between stakeholders that threatens to destroy the business. The major customer who suspends their payments. A supplier who no longer delivers. A preservation order that brings the entire business operations to a standstill. In such cases, getting in the first punch can be decisive.

Targeted, cost-effective support

Our litigation specialists can help you prevent and resolve conflicts that may arise within your company. We advise and litigate on takeover and shareholder disputes, and the liability of directors and board members. Striving to keep all those involved on board through effective mediation that avoids proceedings.

In the unlikely event that legal proceedings prove unavoidable, you can count on us to provide impassioned, expert support from professionals going all the way to represent your interests. Together with you, we identify the best strategy to achieve your most favourable outcome. Sailing close to the wind when necessary.

Knowledge and experience

Our specialised lawyers have in-depth knowledge of company law, corporate law and civil procedural law. In addition, our lawyers are experts in seizure and foreclosure law and execution law. Our broad experience as practitioners, including as trustees and administrators, means you are guaranteed a carefully-considered litigation strategy that takes account of all risks and opportunities to deliver the optimal result.


If you would like to know what our insolvency specialists can do for you, we are here to help.

Clear advice from a broad perspective

We weigh up the risks
and spot the possibilities

The foundation for
successful business

A gamechanger for companies finding themselves in heavy weather

Strategic advice in financial heavy weather