Insolvency Law

We weigh up the risks
and spot the possibilities

If there is a danger of a company running into financial difficulties, it is important to act proactively and decisively. By acting on time, bankruptcies and other adverse effects can often be avoided. Our insolvency specialists evaluate your situation from a broad, strategic perspective and provide targeted advice regarding both your risks and your opportunities.

Extensive experience as practitioners

Whether it concerns a fundamental restructuring, debt rescheduling or liability prevention, we are there for you. As well as businesses, we advise banks, shareholders and directors. We also regularly act as trustee or administrator in suspensions of payments and bankruptcies, and as advisors in WHOA (Homologation Private Agreement Act) processes.

Experts in insolvency law

Our wide experience as practitioners means we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of every facet of insolvency law. This means you are assured of an analysis of your case from every relevant angle. Whatever phase of financial difficulties a company finds itself in, we provide effective solutions that take full account of its interests.

Our specialists can guide and advise you with:

  • identifying legal risks
  • restructuring & refinancing
  • restructuring / rescheduling debts and realising agreements
  • establishing or enforcing securities
  • impending bankruptcy & application for suspensions of payments
  • (directors’) liability


If you would like to know what our insolvency specialists can do for you, we are here to help.

Clear advice from a broad perspective

The foundation for
successful business

Close to the wind
when necessary

A gamechanger for companies finding themselves in heavy weather

Strategic advice in financial heavy weather