Commercial Contracts

The foundation for
successful business

Comprehensive agreements are often seen as a necessary evil. Many businesspeople prefer to draw up an agreement in outline or even just verbally. Too often people simply take the word of the other party in good faith or overlook the small print. And as long as the company doesn’t run into any issues, there’s often no problem. However, if things do go wrong the damage a company suffers can be many times greater than first imagined.

We can help with drafting and reviewing commercial agreements (such as distribution, agency or partnership); standard purchase and sales contracts; general terms & conditions; and in protecting contractual rights and enforcing contractual obligations.

Knowledge and experience

Our specialised lawyers have in-depth knowledge of property and contract law, ensuring our clients sign sound contracts that secure their legal position. We protect our clients from legal pitfalls and unacceptable risks. In addition, our lawyers are experts in negotiation strategies that bring contract negotiations to a successful conclusion.


If you would like to know what our commercial contract specialists can do for you, we are here to help.

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